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We have been using Vodcasts for a variety of purposes in our AP Physics classrooms (including the "Physics Homework Tutorial Vodcasts" that are sold on this site.)  On this page we wanted to share some of the uses we have found for Vodcasts, and include some examples to give you ideas for making your own.  

Resources from our AP Conference Presentation
(San Francisco, July 2011)

~ Physics Homework Tutorial Vodcasts
       Our homework tutorial Vodcasts are designed to be "at-home tutors" for our students.  In these Vodcasts, we simply take a typical homework problem and work out the solution, talking through it as we go.  This allows students to see examples of how to do problems, as well as hear our thought processes as we show the solution.  We recorded these problems using a SmartBoard, and did not use the picture-in-picture option as we recorded.  (We did, however, add in a few picture-in-picture videos of appropriate examples like the right-hand rule.)    
     Our students are not required to view these tutorial Vodcasts, although many do.  Many students tell us that when they are stuck on a homework problem, they will look for a similar homework tutorial Vodcast and watch that video for hints on how to complete the problem.  Other students tell us that they go back and watch some of these tutorial Vodcasts to review for quizzes & tests.  (In this case, they usually try to work the problem on their own first, then fast-forward to the end of the video to see if they were right.) 
     If you're interested in trying this approach with your students, but don't have the time to record your own tutorials right now, you can try it out by viewing some selected tutorials on YouTube, or purchasing a a DVD that can be copied for student home use.

~ Examples of Homework Tutorial Vodcasts
Converging Lenses
- this example shows a typical Homework Tutorial Vodcast
Induced Magnetic Field
- this example includes picture-in-picture to help with the Right Hand Rule
Velocity of Projectiles
- this example includes picture-in-picture of a projectile simulation
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~ Direct Instruction Vodcasts
     We have created direct instruction Vodcasts for a variety of situations.  For a few carefully selected units (particularly units that contain very important basic information like forces and energy), we have completely "flipped" our classrooms and deliver all the direct instruction for that unit via Vodcast.  This frees up time in class for our students to participate in exploratory or lab activities and for us to spend more time helping our students one on one to be sure they have the concepts down. 
     In other units, we pick occasional topics that lend themselves better to direct instruction by Vodcast.  For instance, we might have the students watch a Vodcast lecture as homework so we can have a better discussion in class or use our class time for extension activities instead.
     Finally, direct instruction Vodcasts have been a fabulous option when we have to miss school.  No more writing detailed substitute instructions . . . we just put the information in a Vodcast and have the students watch that in our absence. 
    We use many editing components to incorporate good teaching pedagogy into our direct instruction Vodcasts as much as possible.  For instance, we include the objectives for each lesson at the beginning of the Vodcast.  Adding a table of contents helps students see the overall structure of the lesson.  Callouts are used to draw attention to important points, diagrams, or notes.  Most direct instruction Vodcasts are recorded using the picture-in-picture option so students can see us as we talk to them throughout the video.  We also try to keep the direct instruction Vodcasts interesting by adding music and video clips (often home videos, but sometimes of movies or pertinent clips from YouTube.)  

~ Examples of Direct Instruction Vodcasts
Momentum & Impulse
- this example shows video clips used to grab students' attention and introduce the topic
Applications of Energy Levels
- this example uses callouts added to screen capture of a PowerPoint animation
Bernoulli's Principle
- this example includes screen capture of a computer program and an online link to the program embedded in the Vodcast

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Bernoulli's Principle
- this example includes an embedded video clip to help explain the topic


~ Lab Introduction Vodcasts
     The lab introduction Vodcasts are required viewing for our students before each formal lab.  We spend no class time introducing labs, which considerably increases the class time available to complete the actual lab procedures.  In addition, students are exposed to a much more detailed lab introduction, and seem to have a much better grasp on the lab procedures.
     We use the picture-in-picture option when we record the lab introduction Vodcasts so students can see us talking to them.  In addition, we include many images and videos of lab equipment in use.  We also screen capture any of the computer software that the students will be using (such as LoggerPro) so that they are familiar with the commands and procedures they will be using.  Finally, each lab introduction Vodcast includes several conclusion questions to review the lab material and procedures.  Students are given a pre-lab quiz before completing the lab, which adds motivation for them to watch the lab introduction Vodcast and complete the practice questions carefully.   

~ Examples of Lab Introduction Vodcasts
Galileo's Inclined Plane
- this example shows video clips explaining lab procedures
Galileo's Inclined Plane
- this example includes the practice lab preparation questions
Acceleration of Gravity
- this example includes screen capture of computer software the students will use

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View Full Vodcast


Interference Patterns 
- this example shows video of an online simulation and an embedded link to that simulation


~ Other Vodcasting Resources


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