Physics Teacher Resources

             by the Sioux Falls Physics Teachers


Are you a new Physics or AP Physics B teacher?

   Teaching either a Conceptual Physics or AP Physics B course for the first time can be overwhelming, even for someone who has a background in physics or education.  Everyone needs help as they start teaching a new class, and we're hoping that the curriculum that we've developed for use with our students will help make your first few years of teaching Physics go smoothly.  These DVD's represents literally hundreds of hours of labor as we have planned, implemented and revised Conceptual Physics and AP Physics curriculum for our students.  The result is our best attempt at summarizing the important concepts Physics students should know, and at least one way to teach this material in a manner that is easy for students to understand.  While each teacher will undoubtedly need to revise the curriculum based on their own ideas, individual student needs, available resources, and school calendar, we hope that these DVD's will save you hours of planning and trial and error!


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